Next-gen targeting for breakthrough medicines

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Breaking Barriers

Conventional drug design approaches have been constrained by their ability to effectively target disease driver proteins, resulting in the failure to translate into meaningful drugs for patients.

Our proprietary technology unlocks a novel binding mechanism to key biological molecules, for improved targeting and ultimately, better patient outcomess.

Starting with HDAC6, a validated target for neurology, cardiometabolic diseases and more, we are developing differentiated small molecules to disrupt current treatment inadequacies. By defying traditional limitations, we aim to unlock the full therapeutic potential of HDAC6 targeting for diseases with poor treatment standards.

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Driven by over 7 years of foundational research and an innovative track record, HDAX has developed a next-gen solution that could be applicable for a wide range of diseases. Our novel 2-site binding mechanism delivers highly potent, selective small molecules to tackle critical drug-design challenges.

HDAX technology demonstrates enhanced efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety profile, broadening dosing regimen to enable effective HDAC6 targeting in diverse indications.

Behind the science: We are ambitious scientists and passionate leaders united to develop meaningful medicines

HDAX Advantage

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Therapeutic Benefit

Our unique 2-site HDAC6 binding modality delivers improved drug-like features, enabling us to advance towards potentially life-changing treatments for debilitating diseases.

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Target Safety

The validated safety of HDAC6 targeting, in conjunction with our high selectivity, creates an unrivalled strategy to overcome safety challenges of first-gen medicines.

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Multi-Indication Application

HDAC6 targeting has demonstrated strong therapeutic potential to be truly disease-modifying in conditions driven by microtubule dysfunction, including peripheral neuropathies, cardiometabolic diseases and more.

HDAX targeting technology
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